Hendricks Gray

Week 38 of my pregnancy was really great. I made sure Ty and I got in one last date night together, Vincie celebrated her first birthday on the 9th, and I made sure we spent a lot of time with the girls. That Saturday, the 10th, we all went out to get the last essentials for baby brother and to get dinner. We had so much fun together and I remember going to bed with a smile on my face thinking, “We can have him now.”

That night, Vincie was up from 2-3 am. I kept getting up to tend to her needs and was finally able to fall back asleep around 4 am. At 5 am I woke up to my water breaking. I ran to the bathroom and thought “did that really just happen?” My water broke with Indie and I heard only about 10% of women’s water break. I wanted my water to break this time around too because I had never felt real contractions before and I was scared I’d mistake them for the Braxton Hicks I kept having. I sat there smiling thinking, “this is the day we get to meet you. What a great day. 11/11.” I took it a little slow in hopes that I would start contracting. I did my makeup, started cleaning up, finished packing the bags and woke up Tyler. We got everything in order and after about two hours we headed to the hospital.

We walked in and they wheeled me to my room. The nurse started getting all of our information and hooked me up to the monitor. After being there about an hour and settling in she said, “well, I guess we should check if your water really did break.” I was nervous because it was a lot different this time around than when my water broke with Indie. Indie’s was just like the movies, a huge gush that continued for hours. This time it was a small leak but I KNEW it was my water. She ran two tests and came back and said, “we can’t seem to see your water. I had another nurse check and she couldn’t see anything either. The on-call dr said you can go home now.”

You know when your chest gets tight and your throat burns because you’re about to burst into tears? Yeah that was me. With a shaky voice I asked if I could walk around for a little bit or do something, anything to show them that my water had broke. She then told me that there is one more test they could run.

“It’s 99% accurate show it can show us that your water didn’t break.”

* cue major eye roll*

She did the test and Ty and I sat in my room in complete silence. I wanted to cry because I was so scared and embarrassed. I knew my water had broke and they want to send me home! I know when your water breaks, you need to have the baby within 24 hours before infection sets in. I could tell Ty was a little bummed because today was supposed to be the day and I woke him up early and we got so excited. After 10 minutes we here a knock on the door and the nurse says,

“Well, guess what? Looks like your water broke.”

Ugh. No duh. I was actually really upset because what would have happened to my baby or I if they did send me home? I could at least breathe now and the urge to loose it all went away. It was really baby day!!

With my other kids, I never dilated and had to be induced. While we were getting comfortable the nurse noticed I was having real contractions and asked if I wanted to see if I would dilated without pitocin and I said heck yes!! So for two hours I walked around and hung out in the room. I didn’t think I was progressing at all but the nurse came in to check me anyway. I was dilated to a 4! I was soooo excited and happy, I can’t even explain it. I always wanted my body to do it’s job and it only took three babies for that to happen. She asked if I wanted to keep going or to get the epidural. I said i’d like to keep progressing so she left. After a few minutes my contractions picked up and I started to feel them this time. I progressed to a 4 so quickly I was scared I would keep progressing and I didn’t want to get too far without an epidural so I called her back in and asked for that good numbing juice!

I always get the “pregnancy” shakes right when I get the epidural which is a very unfortunate time to get them haha. My previous epidurals were pretty painless and took 2 minutes tops to get. This time around was the worst experience and more painful than birth itself! The anesthesiologist walks in, probably late 20’s/early 30’s. She was super cute and happy. She prepped my back and went to do the epidural and couldn’t get it in. It took her 30 minutes, 3 numbing shots and 6 attempts of moving it in and out of my spine. I was bawling my eyes out from having to be hunched over that long and the dull feeling of a needle in my bones. It still hurts me just thinking about it.

After I got my epidural with Vincent, I had her within 3 hours so we were prepared to move fast again. They started me on pitocin and things started to move quickly. I was numb but the immense pressure never ceased. After 30 minutes I could tell I had dilated more so the nurse came in to check on me.

I have always had heart problems when I am pregnant. I can’t lay on my back or else I can’t breathe and I get close to blacking out. When the nursed checked me she laid me back and said she’d be quick. The second I was down my ears stared ringing and everything was going black. I told her I was going to pass out so she checked my blood pressure and she said it was normal but checked again and realized it didn’t read before. My blood pressure was 60/30. She called nurses and everyone came running in. They were going to pump me with who knows what but I just said I needed to sit up. So they sat me up and everything went back to normal after a few minutes. I thought I was going to pass out and wake up after an emergency c-section. So scary.

Another hour passed and guess what, my actual sac that the baby was in, broke everywhere! Apparently there are multiple layers to your sac so the outer layer must have just broken that morning and that’s why there wasn’t a lot to go off of. By this time I was an 8 and the Dr came in and said, “I’ll be back in 30 minutes to deliver!” (semi joking). After 30 minutes though, I WAS READY TO PUSH! He came back and said, “told ya.” (He did this exact same thing with Vincent. So freaky how accurate he is haha).

I pushed for 9 minutes. 9 Freaking minutes. With Indie I pushed for an hour 1/2, Vincent about an hour and now this kid. He basically flew out! It was the most painful baby I delivered maybe because it was so fast. I just remember hearing me scream out in pain and hearing him crying before he was even fully out. He was one eager boy. My last scream and push came and he was in my arms. He was the first baby I actually cried after giving birth. I just held him and cried and cried. I think it was because I never felt connected to him while I was pregnant. I didn’t know how to love a boy until he was laying in my arms looking up at me.


Hendricks Gray  Sorenson entered our little world on November 11, 2018

Weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and 20″ long

My heart has been forever changed since adding a little boy into our family. The past two months he has been super colicky but the moments where he is calm, I breathe him in and know that he was meant to be mine. I am so blessed to be a mother and to raise these three children.

We love you little Heni boy. We rocked that birth thing. Now let’s do life together.

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